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She is a hot artist attracting attention all over the world. She was featured as one of the gWorld hottest 29 artistsh by fashion calture magazine gTHE FACEh published in U.K. in 2002, and held solo exhibitions in Tokyo and London.
Her sophisticated lining and coloring shape a pop and comfortable world of fantasy.
Her flagship character gNYANCOSh since 1999 is really popular and has given us
a magical lovely smile at web sites of big companies, and gNYANCOShanimation DVD
was produced in 2003. For gNYANCOSh DVD, she offered the original story and
drawings, and directed the production beyond her career as an illustrator or a character designer. Once you watch the DVD, you will find that you lose gravity and your time perception, and your mind is melted and blowed into her warmful relaxing imagination wonderland. Now gNYANCOSh came out of screen, and gNYANCOS*Dollh is on sale.
Besides graphical works, she is multi-talented. Her regular writing column gBabes Wireh (Kawaiko-chan Tuushin) for design magazine gdesign plexh made an appeal for the readers beause of her own point of view. In 2003, she organized girls band gHokorobi Gumih playing a Japanese traditional musical instrument. She writes music and plays Sanshin (Shamisen of Okinawa) in the band.
2001 Augst Gallery Rocket, Tokyo
2002 July Shoreditch Gallery, London
2004 September Attended gAll of Micky Mouseh Exhibition

2000 Best Award at EST-1 New Generation Exhibition
1995 Grand prize at Towa Tei / Multimedia Remix Contest
1995 Jury Prize at HyperLib (magazine) CG Contest

Recodrs of works
Nyancos (Cat costumed girl character) Supported Wacol Hot Festa Campaign
   Supported Nokia Asia / Nokia Japan
Chobi-gurumi on Animal Island vol.1-2 (Animal costumed kids characters)
   Game soft for Gameboy Advanced
   Regular in comic magazine gNakayoshih (Kodansha)
KinoKino (Navigation chracters)
   Sience magazine for kids gSience for 5th Gradeh gSience for 6th Gradeh (Gakken)
Chinopan/ Ayapan (Opening tile and chracters)
   TV talk show (Fuji television)
HimeHime Character (Princess character)
   TV show gKingfs Branchh (TBS)
Moba Ranger (Navigation Character for mobile connection)
SukeSuke Silva (A member of CG production)
   TV show (Wed 23:00-23:30 / CX)
Pocket Music (CG)
   Music TV program (Wed 2:15 a.m.- / NTV)
Check it out ! (CG)
   TV show (Weekday 1:40 a.m.- / NTV)
Hot Water Brothers (Chracter animation / CD Jacket design)
   TV show (Super Jocky / NTV)
Pirates (Top heavy girls character design for mobile phone straps / voice keyholders, etc.)
Bun bu ryo do (Openning movie and gingle)
   TV show (Thu midnight / TBS)
Toy box of Atom
   CD-ROM magazine (ASCII)
Frog man
   Game soft (NEC intercannel)
AIJING (Art direction and character design)
   CD-ROM for Cinese artist gAijingh
Nayan de net (Titile CG design)
   Magazine guno!h (Asahi Shimbun)
Degital halem (Titile CG design)
   Culture magazine gSPA!h (Fusosha)
Ukulele Jr kun (Character CG)
   TV show gI Love Jrh (TV Tokyo)
Spinns T-shirts collection (Design for T-shirts)
Panel de Pon (Package design)
   Game soft for Super Famicom
Gameboy Pocket (Illustration for ad)

2004 DDD talk show hYoshiyasu Shinichiro Kitaih in @ SOSO CAFE in Sapporo(11/13)
1999 Digital Hollywood(8/21)
1999 Demo performance of Lightwave in gNEWTEK WORLD TOUR '99h (7/27)
1998 Demo performance of Lightwave in Day Storm Booth of NICOGRAPH(11/27)
1997 Impress Digital Station in gNETWORLD+INTEROP'97h(6/4-6)
1997 MC in gAXIA ARTIST AUDITION '97h(3/29)
1996 Starting Event of NTT OCN(12/25)
1996 Opening Event of Media Vally(12/3)
1996 Main caster of Impress Radio in gNETWORLD+INTERROP96h(7/26)
1996 gDigital Network Magazineh(Asahi Shimbun)( 7/2)
1996 Guset in gDigital Harajuku Collectionh (1/22)
1995 Guest in gSuper Kaeru-man Nighth (11/6)

Appearances on TV / Radio
2004 TV show gBB-WAVEh (TV Tokyo)
2004 TV show gManiana Tokyoh (NTV)
1999 TV show gPuSMAh as a CG instruster 9/28,10/5,10/12 (TV Asahi)
1997 TV show gdaiba:bah as an Internet Lady (CX)
1997 TV show gnternet DJ Galaxy Hanayama Villageh asa navigater
Tue 24:50-25:35 (KHB: Miyagi area) 4 cours since 1997/4/1
1997 Attached CD-ROM gDo you want PC game ?h Regular (PC magazine gPC DECOh)
1997 Internet broadcasting gWhat's Cool Radioh Regular (Impress radio)
1997 Internet broadcasting gWelcome to Yoshiyasufs program !h Regular (Impress Radio)
1996 TV commercial for Suntory gKyo-ban-chah as a vender girl Shirakawame

1999- gBabes Wireh (Kawaiko-chan Tuushin) Serial in design magazine gdesign plexh
1998-99 gCharanetariumh Serial in design magazine gdesign plexh
1998 gNayan de Neth Serial in magazine guno!h
1997 gHomepage Battleh Serial in magaz
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